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big MikeB Welcome! As I write this I am the 69Cash War and Race! Or, if you didn’t
A preparing for the Phoenix Forum and attend those, then check out the photos to see
am looking forward to seeing everyone there. all the fun you missed and why you must attend
It’s going to be a great time for many photo next year!
opportunities which will be included in a future
issue of Payout Magazine, as well as posted on I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at I’m looking forward to seeing the Phoenix Forum, as well as at the other
everyone at both the business events and the upcoming shows. Please make a point to say
parties. Be sure to check future issues of the hi when you see me at a show and hand me a
magazine for coverage of the Phoenix Forum! business card. Your business cards can get you
a free ad in Payout Magazine, so make sure to
This issue, as usual, has more fantastic look for me at the shows! Also make sure to get
articles, not to mention photos. Be sure to read a free photo op and some good conversation
about how to write attractive meta descriptions when I’m around. I’m looking forward to it!
for your site, the positives of using Google
optimization, the signifcance of blogging in
Internet marketing, how to win top Google
rankings, as well as many more. Don’t miss out
on our latest legal corner where you can learn
about data security woes (extremely important
in this day and age!).

Be sure to check out our photo pages to
revisit all the fun we had at YNot Awards and

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