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Diversify and Dabble in the Mainstream

That’s right – I said it… you need to diversify! Add multiple income opportunities to your portfolio and don’t put all your eggs in one basket! To put it simply, you need to find new ways to generate revenue and not rely solely on one single source for your profit. With the legal climate ever-changing, new laws, regulations and restrictions on the rise and government taking a harder look at our industry, webmasters need to be prepared for anything!

OK – this isn’t one of those “Chicken Little” speeches - the sky is not falling, trust me. This is more like a “Prepare & Succeed” pep-talk for those who want to increase their profits and be around to celebrate their victories over the ‘Net industry in another year. You need to continuously grow, evolve and change within the current or be swept under. For example, if you only work with one type of product and suddenly that product becomes illegal to sell in 38 out of 50 states next week – what will you do? You need to open your mind and your business to alternative programs in order to ensure that you will be able to survive just about anything that can be thrown your way.

Experienced business owners know that you should never rely on one source of traffic, one stream of income or one method for making money. Why should the ‘Net industry be any different? Mainstream is finally proving itself to be worthy of our time and effort. There are many new opportunities, many new possibilities that should be taken advantage of to prepare for the future.

Diversifying your business by adding a mainstream or a mainstream-adult hybrid program to your portfolio will help you to stay competitive within the e-commerce marketplace and will help you to increase your user retention. It will also attract a new demographic of users to your business, and help you cross-sell your traffic and profit from additional products. By offering a non-adult alternative link on your exit you can keep more of your traffic in-house and provide better all-around opportunities for your traffic.

REMEMBER – your new project doesn’t have to be a BIG project – or a large investment. Many webmasters will tell you of how they increased their incomes simply by offering an alternative payment method or additional language for their users. This works along the same line. Providing a small alternative, or working with a new target audience – can bring you an increase in income that could push your business to the next level.

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